• About Us

  • Joyful Tails Dog Training and Boarding is owned and operated by Kerstin Lynn and her family - her husband, Aaron, and her son, Alexander.

    Kerstin and Aaron's passion for working with canines started at a very young age for both of them. Over the years, Aaron and Kerstin have assisted a variety of animal rescue organizations, helping both purebred and mixed breed dogs. They have fostered, trained and placed hundreds of dogs into loving homes. They both believe there are no bad dogs and that all dogs can be taught. Their son Alexander is learning alongside his parents and enjoys working with the dogs just as much as they do.

    Kerstin's love for dogs has steadily grown throughout her life. She was able to develop her training skills when she began to assist local rescue groups as a foster parent and trainer. She typically worked with the dogs that needed extra training to become suitable pets, gently reshaping unwanted behavior and establishing positive relationships with these creatures that others have discarded or abused. Kerstin has helped many dogs and owners with common canine behavior problems by giving the dogs structure and guidance through positive reinforcement. She also served as the in-house trainer for a local rescue group. She continues to develop her training skills by learning new positive reinforcement and marker training techniques.

    Aaron's passion for dogs came to the forefront when a local shelter in his hometown faced bankruptcy. At that time he took in 78 dogs and successfully found homes for them all. Aaron has worked alongside his wife in training dogs, and he helps out in the socialization and desensitization of her furry clients as well. Aaron also volunteers with local rescue groups as a transporter.

    Alexander loves to give board-and-train dogs extra attention during their stay. Many of them climb onto the couch beside him while he plays video games in the evenings. He also volunteers to help train dogs with his mom and is a willing and eager participant.