• Basic/Advanced Training

    Basic training/dog obedience is designed to teach essential commands that every dog should know and is designed for dogs with little to no formal training experience. Advanced training is designed for dogs/puppies that have formal puppy training and are ready to build on those skills.

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    Puppy Training/Puppy Board & Train

    Puppy Headstart provides education on: leadership, manners, socialization, housebreaking and beginning obedience and can help to stop unwanted behaviors such as nipping, chewing, jumping, and barking. We even have a session on beginning agility and confidence building!

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    Behavior Problems

    Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety? Does your dog have a history of biting? Is your dog anxious and nervous and lacks the skills to navigate a through a busy city? Are walks becoming a burden due to your dogs unruling reactive behavior?

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    Board & Train

    Your dog will be trained in a home environment. Based on the needs of your dog, the training will be a minimum of two weeks in length to give your dog the foundation he or she needs.

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  • Welcome to Joyful Tails!

    Practical. Positive. Lasting Results. Joyful Tails offers an all-inclusive, in-home dog training experience for families and their pets in the greater Houston and Katy, Texas areas.

    Where better for a dog to learn about behaving at home than in a home environment? Here at Joyful Tails we have created an obedience training curriculum that does just that – combining a home environment with positive, consistent, and clear methods. After many years of working with clients and a variety of rescue organizations, we have seen dogs blossom through our positive reinforcement-based training programs. We also offer private lessons in your home, custom-tailored to your needs. We will happily work with one or multiple-dog households.

    Phone consultations are also available for guidance with small behavioral problems that do not necessarily require an onsite trainer. Our goal at Joyful Tails is to help you have a happy, well-adjusted furry family member. Please visit our Services page for more details!
  • As former president of Houston GSD Rescue, we decided to have our puppy go through Kerstin's board and train program. After 5 weeks in Kerstin's home we brought Pela back to Dallas. Kerstin's training program exceeded all our expectations. She also kept us updated throughout the positive reinforcement training process. Once home Pela was evaluation by a trainer in Dallas to further her training. Trainer's was so amazed  at 5 months old, she placed out of 3 obedience classes. The trainer said an in-home board and train environment was the best thing we could have ever done for her.
    ~Julane Swank

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