How do you picture your pooch spending the day when your away?

When boarding dogs come to stay with us, our house becomes their home away from home. Most of the day is spent out of the kennels & spent with family & furry friends. Boarding dogs are included in many of the same activities that our own pets enjoy - romping with doggie friends, enjoying supervised playtime with a variety of toys, taking pack walks, or napping peacefully on the couch or one of many dog beds. 

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What is included in the boarding price and reasons to board with Joyful Tails?

            We take the time to get to know your dog and treat him/her like part of            our family

          Your dog will never be left alone at night

          Leash-trained dogs will enjoy walks with our pack

          We provide supervised romper time with a trained handler every day

          Living with other balanced, well-socialized dogs helps your dog adjust                  more quickly

           Most of your dog's day is spent out of a crate/kennel

           Living with a dog trainer will help reinforce your dog's good manners                   throughout the day

           You will receive regular updates on your pet via text, phone, or email

           Medication administration included

           Your dog will get ample potty breaks

           Cuddle & playtimes are not

Boarding Pricing per 24hr period


       $50   Dogs over 30 pounds

     $40   Dogs 30 pounds and under

     $60   Dogs requiring potty training or overnight potty breaks (between 10 pm - 6 am)


      A 20% discount will apply for the second dog boarding from the same household.




8am- 12pm​

Closed Sundays

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