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Do your dogs need to learn some manners?


Do they have some habits they just can't seem to quit?


Do they ignore you when you call them?


Are they barking, chewing up your house and digging up your yard?


Is your puppy still struggling with potty training?

Is walking your dog become an unpleasant daily chore?

Roxie & Max got caught counter surfing
Big Mac enjoying the empty can of dog food he stole from the trash.
Here at Joyful Tails we provide three types of training

At Joyful Tails, we really take the time to get to know your dog, and with the amount of daily training interaction and attention he or she receives, we have many more opportunities to reinforce good behavior. Having your dog trained in a home environment makes it easier for your dog to learn and to translate newly learned behaviors to the world it lives in. 

We provide a board-and-train program for those who have a busy lifestyle but would like to have a well-mannered, loving companion. We also provide private in-home training and consultations.


Our reverse board and train is a great solution for owners that do not want to be away from their furry companion. So we come into your home and train the dog on site for 10 days over a two week period. This is also great for stay home parents because you have 15 hours of one on one training with the trainer.

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 3742 Garden Green Trail

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