In-home consultation: $100


Phone consultation: $35 /30min. 


Training sessions via phone: $35/30mins. 


You would be surprised how many behavior problems can be solved over the phone:

Issues of coming when called, barking at you during food prep times, potty training strategies, kennel training, nutrition etc.

Boarding pricing per 24 hour period:

      $50 Dogs over 40+lbs

      $40 Dog under 40lbs

      $60 for puppies the require night time potty 

      breaks between 10pm - 6am

     20% discount for 2nd dog in the same household

 Boarding at Joyful Tails:


When boarding dogs come to stay with us, our house becomes their home away from home. Most of the day is spent out of the kennels, spending time with the family. Boarding dogs are included in all the same activities that our own pets enjoy - romping with doggie friends, enjoying supervised playtime with a variety of toys, taking pack walks, or napping peacefully on the couch or one of many doggie beds.

Puppy Headstart program:


When should you start training your puppy? Ideally the moment you get your puppy. The early

days, weeks and months are very impressionable times and can make the years that follow

become ones to enjoy.


We recommend requesting a consultation before the puppy arrives. Being prepared will help put

things in place to set your and your puppy up for success. As well as provide guidance so the whole family

is on the same page with commands and routines. This way a strong foundation can be built for a wonderful future together with your family.


Let us help you design a puppy training and caring program, and show you how to interact with your pup to create the perfect start. Call for as early an appointment as possible so that together we can give your puppy the perfect start in its lifetime of love and happiness with you and your family.


Price for 6-week program: $600

NEW! 10-Day "Reverse" Board & Train:

We now offer a "reverse" board and train, which are training sessions that are conducted in your dog's home environment.  


For a 10-day period, we come to your home and train your dog on-site. Our time spent with 1 dog on site is 1.5 hours, which includes a daily walk.


In addition, you will have multiple phone consultations discussing your dog's progress and any observations that have been made. You will receive a daily training log, as well as a daily journal of your dog's training with the trainer. Helpful links will also be sent via email to set you and your dog up for success, not just short-term, but also long-term.


Additional dog: Training time-on-site will increase by 30 minutes. Total time spent on-site will be 2 hours.

Cost for additional dog $400 (dog must live in the household and be owned by the same owner)


  • Cost for 10 days: $1200 (consultation no included)

  • Additional dogs:  $  400


Private In-Home Training:

  • Initial consultation - $100

  • Single / individual training sessions - $125

  • 4 Basic Training sessions - $470 

  • 6 Basic Obedience Training sessions - $600 

  • 12 Basic & Advanced Obedience Training sessions - $1200 

14-Day Board & Train: 


  • House-trained adult dogs - starting at $1200

  • House-training with obedience training (Puppy) - starting at $1300 - $1600

  • Maintenance training $75


 * Additional training weeks will be prorated.


Joyful Tails Dog Training & Boarding Receives 2021 & 2016 Best Businesses of Katy Award!

Joyful Tails Dog Training & Boarding has been selected for the Best Businesses of Katy Award in the Pet Training category by the Best Businesses of Katy Award Program. This is the 4th time since 2014 that Joyful Tails Dog Training & Boarding has been selected for this award.