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  "As former president of the German Shepherd rescue in Houston, I had the privilege of gaining Kerstin Lynn as a foster parent and trainer for our group. Right after my husband and I purchased a GSD puppy, I found out I needed to undergo surgery. Knowing that our puppy-faced a crucial time in her life in which she needed to be socialized and start training, we decided to have our puppy go through Kerstin's board and train program. Our puppy was with Kerstin in her home during her training. This meant she was receiving nearly 24-hour training. We also liked that our dog was trained through positive reinforcement and clicker training. Kerstin's training program exceeded all our expectations. Not only did she customize the training to our future plans to compete in obedience and agility, but she also kept us updated with daily progress reports and fun little anecdotes of things our puppy did through the day. We were a bit worried that the dog would not remember us when she came home because we had only had her for 1 week before she entered Kerstin's program. Not only did our dog remember us, she also came back very well trained and with good doggy etiquette. At only 5 months of age, she was able to incorporate herself into a home with 3 GSDs of different temperaments and ages with no problems. Once home I took our Pela to be evaluationed by a trainer in Dallas to further her training and was amazed at the trainer's response. Our dog was so well trained by Kerstin that she placed out of 3 obedience classes and is the youngest dog to ever enter into her Basic 2 class. The trainer inquired about the training our puppy received and said that placing the puppy in an in-home board and train environment was the best thing we could have ever done for her." ~ Julane S.



  "We reached out to Kerstin and immediately knew we would not be disappointed! There is no other trainer out there who is as patient, loving, and helpful as Kerstin is. She sent us homework weekly, called to check in, and sent us many tips/resources. In these 6 short weeks, my husband and I can tell a 180-degree difference in both of our pups, Pink and Nala. She was spot on for everything, especially behavioral issues. I cannot say enough about her and her passion for animals and helping their human owners. Not only did we fall in love with her, but both of our dogs did too. Don't look any further, she is the trainer for you! Thank you for your help." ~ Michelle & Eric J.




  "Our year-old Malshi puppies, Ruby and Sapphire, were a hot mess before Kerstin. They barked, chewed up my baseboards, and walking them was a nightmare. Kerstin gave us practical advice and she made it fun! Even my boys enjoyed her training sessions. Thanks to Joyful Tails Dog Training our dogs no longer run out the front door, obey commands, and can do a few fun tricks like. More importantly, we are enjoying Ruby and Sapphire as a family. Bless you, Kerstin!" ~ Laurie T.


  "Kerstin, thank you so much for your help in changing the behavior of my dog. It always amazes me that you are so much like a really good doctor. You listen to the description of the behavior, diagnose the problem, and prescribe a remedy. Your practical, easy to implement training advice has had an amazing effect. Not only did it improve his behavior almost immediately, within two days the behavior disappeared. I have used the same method to address a couple of other areas where he was getting a little challenging, and he is back to his usual sweet self. He is once again attentive to me, and very respectful. Thank you for your advice, and for reminding me that training is not something you do, and then the dog is "fixed." Training is an ongoing process, and it is essential for me to be observant and consistent. I really appreciate your help! In addition, thank you so much for recommending products I could use to improve my dog's health and behavior. I had no idea that so many products were so easily obtainable and could make such a profound difference. The products you recommended, along with your very helpful training advice, has resulted in my dog being calmer, healthier, and happier. Kerstin, you are amazing!" ~ Mary S.


  "If you are searching for that special someone to train your four-legged family member, look no further! You have found her…Kerstin Lynn, the owner of Joyful Tails. We had been seeking assistance and training for our precious Chihuahua, Bentley. He is a “special needs” puppy with fear and confidence issues. Kerstin was wonderful with Bentley and us, his parents! She knew exactly how to handle ALL of Bentley’s issues and needs. Her training was fabulous. She used all types of things, puzzles (Bentley loved these) treats, toys, tunnels and many others to assist Bentley with his confidence and fears. She also provided us with tools to help us understand what we, as his parents, could do also. We love him and will always have patience with his learning. These tools have been and continue to be extremely valuable to us. Kerstin has made such a tremendous difference in Bentley’s life with her excellent training and love for the large and small ones she trains and teaches. We whole-heartily recommend Kerstin. Her love, patience, and ability to connect with your pet is truly amazing! You and your pet will love her as we do. She’s the BEST!!!" ~ Sherry and Phillip W.


  "Kerstin was amazing with our rescue, Milo, a husky/retriever mix. He was 6 months when he went to her, and he learned so much, including how to solve complex puzzles. For our high-energy boy, that's quite a feat. Now, over a year since his training, his entire mode of listening and commands are still based on what he learned with Kerstin. And he loved his time with her family as well! I can't say enough about how much we appreciate her skills and passion with dogs." ~ Lorri R.


  "Kerstin is an amazing trainer that provides real long-lasting results.  I would highly recommend for anyone’s dog-training needs. Kerstin was responsible for the exceptional training given to our  Pit Bull mix that we adopted. around the same timeframe. We were told our dog (Ginger) was over-the-top “bull in the china shop”, charging in and over anyone in her path.

After Ginger spent a few weeks Kerstin, we were told that Ginger was an entirely different dog than what she had rescued. For us, it was hard to believe she was so difficult. Part of our success was the ongoing coaching we received from Kerstin when Ginger transitioned.  I’ve always been told there are three key advisors to have in your life and to choose them wisely. They are an accountant, a lawyer, and an insurance agent. If you are a dog-owner, you need to add “dog-trainer” to this list. Kerstin goes above and beyond to set owner and dog up for short- term but long-term success. You will be glad you made the investment in her training." ~ Kory, Krystal, & Ginger C.​


  "We  recently got a 8 week old German Shepherd and knew starting training asap will help our home lifestyle. Kerstin did not just train us and our pup Shelby, but also guided us through the dog food maze and finding durable dog toys for high energy dogs.

Many times I found myself picking up the phone and asking for help when I was at my wits end, it was amazing what a phone consultation did to fix small problems. Shelby is still a work in progress but I wouldn't recommend anyone else. For anyone wanting that one on one time and that's eager to learn more about there dog, Kerstin is your trainer. I have learned so much and so has Shelby.. So thank you Kerstin for your passion, being such a wonderful trainer and new friend to me and my family but also to our newest addition." Jessica G


  "Alvin, Chance, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you. I honestly don't know what we would have done without your help. You took 2 first time dog owners under your wing and went above and beyond the call of duty during the duration of our 6 sessions together. Even before we met, you spent close to an hour on the phone with my husband to learn about our needs and concerns when it came to our dog Chance. In addition, you were always available to answer our questions via phone and/or email between our sessions and you would send us a detailed synopsis of each visit so that we knew what to keep working on with Chance. I was also impressed that you were never in a rush to leave us; if the task(s) of the session called for more time you gladly stayed without issue. You truly care about your clients and it shows. That caring, professional attitude coupled with your extensive knowledge and experience makes you the best dog trainer around. I'll say it again - my husband and I don't know what we would have done without you. We were brand new dog owners who had an itchy dog that did not like his food and was anxious and upset when we left the house. We were scared and clueless as to how to address these issues. You guided us toward a limited ingredient diet for our boy and now he eats like a champ and is itch free. Plus, you taught Chance some basic commands and showed us how to practice those commands with Chance and that helped us to bond with our new dog and it increased confidence in all of us. We always had a million questions for you and you provided us with such thorough instruction and you guided us to appropriate products that would help Chance with his anxiety. He may never be "cured" of this but he has made great progress and I think we are all more at ease when we're away from home. I could sing your praises all day long! You taught us everything we know and we wouldn't hesitate to refer you to a friend and we can't wait to use you in the future when we are ready for doggie number 2. We miss you, Kerstin, and think of you all the time. You were a blessing to our family and we'll never forget the important role that you played in our lives when we adopted our precious Chance." ~A. and K. Rowbatham


  "I recently moved from NY with my almost-two-year-old GSD Aliya, who had almost completed all her tasks to become a therapy dog. I was very happy to find Kerstin who trains with positive techniques. I believe that building any relationship requires love, patience, and understanding your partner/dog. Kerstin is knowledgeable, kind, patient, and goes the extra mile with your family. I love that she acknowledges our pets are part of the family. Aliya looks forward to her training with Kerstin and her dogs! Aliya is back on track to help make lots of smiles and special connections doing therapy work. A big thank you to Kerstin and her beautiful pack for guiding my furry best friend on this journey." ~ Alyscia P.


  "When we decided to have our 6-month-old Cavalier King Charles trained, our fear was, was the trainer going to be harsh with him, was he going to learn anything in the 2 weeks, were we spending our money in vain? Well, all those fears went away on the first call to Joyful Tails. Kerstin explained her training program, answered all my questions, and made me feel comfortable about my concerns. She is a very dedicated and loving trainer. Bentley learned how to walk on a leash, learned commands, how to kennel up, and became a better puppy. She went out of her way to keep us posted on his training while in her care for 2 weeks. Kerstin followed up with us after the training and gave us recommendations on how to keep up with the training, and sent us information and links for items she thought would be helpful. For that, we are most grateful. We are very pleased with the training and very grateful to Kerstin for her patience, dedication, and love for our puppy. Bentley thanks you, and we thank you very much."~Denise S.


  "Kerstin is amazing!!! She fostered our rescue, Heidi. We are amazed at what a well behaved and obedient dog is she. Kerstin not only trained her before we got her but also shared her techniques and tips with us so we can continue her training. She sent videos of her working with Heidi which was a huge help. We were able to see first hand how Heidi responds to the commands. She gave us all the tools we needed to make Heidi's transition a success!!!We are so thankful for Kerstin!!!!" ~Lorraine K.



  "Kerstin was referred to me by the breeder from which I bought my German Shepherd, Zena. Even before we met in person she took an hour of her time to talk me through some questions I had. This showed me her personal attachment to every customer and animal she deals with. I dropped Zena off for her 2-week board and train program. I was extremely impressed. In just 2 weeks Zena was crate trained, housebroken, and had a firm grasp on all basic obedience commands (sit, down, wait, stay, come when called). It was amazing. Kerstin also taught her a few fun tricks the kids loved: kisses, high five, and paw (shake). I have also used her services for basic boarding as well. She has a fantastic atmosphere for boarding which is the least stressful I have ever seen for a boarded animal. They sleep in crates but have free run of her house just as her other animals do, so when she takes them in they are just an addition to the family. When my dogs, Zena and Cody, stay there, it is like visiting family so they run, play, and sleep like it is a vacation spot. I would recommend any of her services to anyone - and have. To keep Zena (now 9 months old) in shape, I trained her to walk/jog on a treadmill. With the leash/walking training she received from Kerstin, it took me only 1 day for her to walk comfortably on the treadmill. This is a great convenience for rainy days and when Zena needs to shed a little pent-up energy. Here is a video of us last week during yet another rainy day. Kerstin, you are the best!" ~ Roy M.


  "Over the past 10 years, I have fostered and owned Greyhounds. Even though these dogs are mostly very easy going I have been very thankful to Kerstin for assisting me with a variety of behavioral issues. Kerstin has educated me on the benefits of premium dog foods, revealed that some of my dogs had allergies to certain foods and for my seniors with bad teeth, Kerstin had given me the tips and ideas to why they were avoiding eating. One of my foster dogs had horrible anxiety issues, Kerstin helped using calming music and holistic drops to calm him as well as trained me, on how to use calming signals to avoid his anxiety triggers. Kerstin has shown a wide variety of knowledge and the use of positive training methods, she has also gone the extra mile to find acupuncturist and dog chiropractor for my seniors with joint problems. I can highly recommend Joyful Tails Dog Training". ~ Dr. R. Fagen




"Love working with Kerstin. She has introduced me to a fun way to work with my GSD Roxy. ~ Winnie J.

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