• Training

  • Do your dogs need to learn some manners?

    Do they have some habits they just can't seem to quit?

    At Joyful Tails, we really take the time to get to know your dog, and with the amount of daily training interaction and attention he or she receives, we have many more opportunities to reinforce good behavior. Having your dog trained in a home environment makes it easier for your dog to learn and to translate newly learned behaviors to the world it lives in.

    We provide a board-and-train program for those who have a busy lifestyle but would like to have a well-mannered, loving companion. We also provide private in-home training and consultations.

  • Pricing

    Accepted payment methods are: cash, check, or PayPal.


  • Listed below are the training options we offer. For more detailed information, scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • NEW! 10-Day "Reverse" Board & Train:

    We now offer a "reverse" board and train, which are training sessions that are conducted in your dog's home environment.  
    For a 10-day period, we come to your home and train your dog on-site. Our time spent with 1 dog on site is 1.5 hours, which includes a daily walk.
    In addition, you will have multiple phone consultations discussing your dog's progress and any observations that have been made. You will receive a daily training log, as well as a daily journal of your dog's training with the trainer. Helpful links will also be sent via email to set you and your dog up for success, not just short term, but also long term.
    Total time spent with your dog is about 20 hours. 
    Additional dog: Training time on-site will increase by 30 minutes. Total time spent on-site will be 2 hours.
    Cost for additional dog $400 (dog must live in the household and be owned by the same owner)
    • Cost for 10 days: $1200
    • Additional dogs: $400
  • Private In-Home Training:

    • Initial consultation - $100
    • Individual training sessions - $125
    • 4 Basic Training sessions - $470 
    • 6 Basic Obedience Training sessions - $600 
    • 12 Basic & Advanced Obedience Training sessions - $1200 
  • 14-Day Board & Train:


    • House-trained adult dogs - starting at $1200
    • House-training with obedience training (Puppy) - starting at $1300 - $1600

    Note: Longer stays will be discounted at $50/week after the initial two weeks. Not all dogs can be potty-trained in two weeks; however, a reliable potty schedule can be established in this time.

  • Phone Consultations:

    • $35 per half-hour

    Maintenance Training (Must be approved by trainer):

    • $100 per day
  • What to expect from a board-and-train:

    • Your dog will train in a home environment.
    • Based on the needs of your dog, the training will be a minimum of two weeks in length to give your dog the foundation he or she needs.
    • Specific behavior concerns will be addressed as requested by owner. Because of the time required to "fix" some problem behaviors, this may affect how many other commands can be taught in the two weeks. Some unwanted behaviors cannot be fixed in a two week period and a longer stay or ongoing private lessons may be suggested.
    • The number of commands learned will vary based on the dog's speed of learning, attention span, and desire to work. Typically we do our best to teach your dog the basic AKC obedience commands: sit, down, come, leave it, wait at the door, short stays, and walking with a loose leash.
    • You will receive regular email and/or text updates on your dog's progress, along with any cute anecdotes about his or her behavior in our family.
    • Outside of your dog's daily training routine, your dog will be given the same care and attention that our own dogs enjoy, including treats, regular and age-appropriate exercise, belly rubs, and playtimes.
    • Your dog will have several training sessions throughout the day; dogs learn best with several shorter lessons rather than one long one.
    • At the completion of the board and train, our trainer will review with you the behaviors your dog has learned and will send a packet detailing how to maintain and reinforce what your dog has learned.
    • A board and train agreement and questionnaire will need to be completed and returned prior to dropoff.
  • Puppy head start reverse board & train:

    Alternatively, some clients choose a board-and-train to give a new puppy a good head start in its new life. We will:
    • kennel train,
    • potty train,
    • teach leash manners, and
    • cover basic obedience.

    Just like human toddlers, puppies have shorter attention spans and need to be trained in smaller increments throughout the day.

    By having your dog trained early, you begin a positive relationship with your puppy, enabling you to enjoy the precious stages of puppyhood without the aggravation that can overshadow this time of life. Puppies will lose their cuteness very fast if they are constantly pottying in your home, chewing your shoes, or jumping on visitors. There will be growing pains with every puppy; however, we can help you minimize the frustration and set you and your puppy up for more enjoyable times.

  • What to expect from in-home private lessons:

    • A training agreement will need to be completed and signed at the consultation.
    • Private lessons are a good option for families with a multiple dog household and/or specific behavior concerns such as:
      • Bolting out the door, or
      • Attacking the vacuum cleaner
    • During the lesson, our trainer will work with you and teach you how to train your dog.
    • A written summary of the day's lesson will be emailed to you, along with homework and any supplemental material that         may help (videos, weblinks, books, etc.).
    • There is no minimum or maximum number of lessons you may schedule.
    • Private lessons are available between 8 AM and 6 PM five days a week, and Saturday mornings from 8 AM to 12 PM